Action Center


Our regular street demonstrations allow our neighbors to see their peers engaged in local issues and concerns while also standing in solidarity with fellow citizens nationally (and globally) in recognition of the need for justice and equity.  We encourage participation that benefits the nation and local communities. We welcome area residents in joining our Bandon Inclusivity Group. Please email for scheduling details.


Technology and the internet allow us to access well made documentaries, seminars, courses, zoom conferences, etc. that anyone can use to educate themselves and understand current national events in context.  Click HERE for links to some of these great resources. If you have other resources you’ve found helpful and want to share with us, please don’t hesitate to email us at!

The BIG Book Club

Excellent books are available detailing the history of our nation’s injustices to its Black, Brown, Indigenous, Asian and poor and how we may address these wrongs. Other books give voice to those wronged as they pursued the American Dream. Book Club members engage in meaningful dialogue to both educate one another in a spirit of compassion and solidarity. Peruse the titles we are reading and recommend HERE. Come join us! Send an email to for more information.


Many of us have talents, hobbies, and/or interests that can be of service to our Bandon area.  Skills and experience in many areas including: communications, arts, trades, meeting facilitation, technology, etc. all have their place in movements of change.  We invite our neighbors to come and share their wisdom of experiences with us.
We believe that when individuals cooperate they can become an effective organization.  When organizations collaborate they can support movements that change nations.  If you are a member of a civic or public service oriented group please consider contacting BIG.  There is much work to be done, and common ground to be found in the task of transforming our communities and country into the fully just and equitable society its richly diverse people deserve.
For a list of other organizations that are championing the work of social and racial justice, please click HERE
For general questions, please email:
If you are a member of a civic or public service oriented group please email:

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