BIG’s First Membership Meeting

by KT

Twenty-five people, enthusiastic and determined about the mission of the Bandon Inclusivity Group, gathered November 2 for the organization’s first membership meeting.  Those present included not only current and prospective BIG members, but others representing Bandon Good Troublemakers and Indivisible of North Curry County.

It was decided that a modest membership fee will be initiated, graduated according to the level of involvement desired by each member.  The agenda included a list of the various department heads who manage each division of BIG; and eleven proposed programs to be considered and developed.

My personal observations include an overwhelming “buzz” of enthusiasm and determination!  This is not a group of observers, but one set on making a real difference in pursuit of positive changes within the greater Bandon area – and beyond.

Attendees formed several small groups to discuss actions as diverse as monitoring government entities and promoting South Jetty accessibility within the City.  The enthusiasm that members have, as well as the diversity of ideas and strengths of each participant, made for lively discussion at each table.

Specific programs were formed to research different areas of concern and interest.  These include:

1.  PUBLICATIONS to include Facebook development, logo and brochure development and newsletter

2.  GRANT DEVELOPMENT and fundraising capabilities

3.  CIVICS PLANNING to cover such as monitoring public meetings, letter writing and possibly coordinating a civics education workshop

The programs are an indication of the scope and interests of the diverse crowd that attended this formative meeting.  Please consider joining the BIG organization and bring YOUR ideas, concerns and opinions to this enthusiastic group!

To Join BIG: Contact us at and we’ll send you the membership form OR just stop by our Demonstration on Wednesdays at 3:30 to 4:30pm, or Fridays at 2pm to 3pm.

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