Talking About Race

IF YOU’RE READING THIS, CHANCES ARE THAT YOU’RE INTERESTED IN TALKING ABOUT RACE Article by M.F. Something happened in 2020 or 2021 that got your attention, and got you to our website. It could have been what caught my attention: the killing of Black persons by police in incidents that could have gone differently, could have gone better, without the…

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Celebrate Irish Contributions to a More Just & Humane World

CELEBRATE IRISH CONTRIBUTIONS TO A MORE JUST & HUMANE WORLD March 17 is St. Patrick’s Day.  In celebration of our Irish brothers and sisters we would like to recommend a multi-award-winning book written by Sally Hayden, an Irish journalist.  In 2022 The Washington Post named this book among the top three that should be read concerning the world’s refugees.  My Fourth Time,…

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March: Celebrate Women’s History Month

March: Celebrate Women’s History Month By jazc You do not need us to rehearse for you the famous names of accomplished women during Women’s History Month.  You don’t even need us to introduce you to lesser-known women who have contributed to the quality of our lives.  That is expertly presented by outlets like the Public Broadcasting Company (PBS). What you…

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Workshop: Contact! Writing to Affect Policy

LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!  WORKSHOP:  CONTACT!  WRITING TO AFFECT POLICY Jeannie Culp BIG would like to invite you to join with a group of like-minded citizens in developing letter-writing skills, to assure our voices are heard regularly and effectively. BIG has been encouraged by the positive change in response to our demonstrations on the intersection of 101 and 42s over the…

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February: Street Demo Special Topic and Dates

Street Demo Special Topic and Dates in February “Learn Something New in Black History Month”Wednesday 22nd 3:30pm to 4:30pmFriday 24th 2pm to 3pm Bring signs that list things that people can read or watch or listen to that will tell them more about Black History Examples:Audio recordings of former slaves on YouTubeHenry Louis Gates’ series African-American LivesRead the NY Times…

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Unlimited Book Club

UNLIMITED BOOK CLUB CELEBRATING DIVERSITY, INCLUSION, AND UNDERSTANDING IN COOS COUNTY VIA LITERATURE! The Unlimited Book Club is a joint venture of the Coos Bay Public Library and the North Bend Public Library, formed to encourage awareness and foster community discussions on equity, diversity, and inclusion through reading and thoughtful conversation. The Unlimited Book Club meets every third Thursday of…

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Begin Black History Month by Reading and Learning Something New

BEGIN BLACK HISTORY MONTH BY READING AND LEARNING SOMETHING NEW READING AND VIEWING SUGGESTIONS FOR BLACK HISTORY MONTH, FOR ADULTS, YOUNG ADULTS, AND CHILDREN  By jazcAll ITEMS ARE AVAILABLE AT OR THROUGH THE BANDON LIBRARYDescriptions from the Bandon Library catalogue unless otherwise noted FOR ADULTSBlack history: a retrospective.  Mill Creek Entertainment. 2009.This DVD features the life, culture, and accomplishments of some…

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Learn, Develop, Grow During Black History Month

Learn, Develop, Grow During Black History Month  By jazc I was born and raised in the Downriver area of metropolitan Detroit.  I’ve shared this previously in terms of my journey as an individual in coming to appreciate diversity.  As I continue to contemplate my life’s journey, I also see more clearly the societal forces at work in my life.  This…

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Why We Continue to Demonstrate

Why We Continue to Demonstrate By MF   Since June 3rd 2020 when one young woman stood on the corner of Highways 42-S and 101 in protest of the murder of George Floyd, members of the Bandon Inclusivity Group have continued to demonstrate for social justice and human rights. The other day as I stood on that corner, in the pouring…

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Racism and Immigration Policy

Racism and Immigration Policy By jazc Images of Black Haitian immigrants being confronted by U.S. Border Patrol on horseback with whips.  Haitian immigrants being flown back to Haiti by the U.S. government.  You may remember these events from 2021. Why the desperation on the part of the Haitians?  Wasn’t there a benefit concert that raised millions to help Haitians get…

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