Can You Sing Head And Shoulders, Knees And Toes in Korean? BIG Volunteers Can!

Bev leads the kids and adults in singing Korean words to Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

Bandon resident, Bev Min, was one more gem that sparkled during this summer’s Children’s Cultural Book Program.  On August 12 Bev led not only children but also our adult volunteers in celebrating Korean culture, language, and food in the Sprague Room of Bandon Library. Bev was one of many volunteers that made the Children’s Cultural Book Program possible, AND an impressive example of what we can do when we put our talents, skills, and knowledge together to make a stronger, healthier community. 

Just like Braydon, our chalk artist for the August 12 event (who by the way volunteered even as the sun set the evening before), you can become a part of BIG’s efforts to celebrate diversity, promote inclusivity, and ensure justice and fairness in our Bandon community.

Opportunities Include:

Attending and reporting on the regular meetings of one of the following – this can be in partnership with a colleague: Coos County Commissioners Meeting, Bandon City Council, Bandon School Board, South Coast Equity Coalition, Rural Organizing Project.
Writing Letters to the Editor of The World and other news outlets reflecting BIG’s mission
Writing articles for BIG’s Newsletter under editorial guidance
Promoting attendance at BIG Demonstrations
Promoting attendance at BIG Peace Circles
Promoting attendance at BIG Book Club
Grant writing and Supporting Activities for Grants

Braydon created a large Under The Sea chalk drawing to welcome everyone to the Books Program
Bev Minn reads The Ocean Calls: A Haenayeo Mermaid Story to children at the August 12th event

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