Over One Year and Still Here  Bandon Inclusivity Group (BIG) continues our demonstrations on Hwy 101 on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:30-4:30pm and on Fridays from 2:00-3:00pm.  The issues that brought us out to the corner in the first place still need our attention. Our presence on the corner is a great way to highlight these issues.  Our country and…

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VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY:  BEACH PATROL WITH SEA Hello BIG community! We hope you and your families are well and staying safe! We have been asked by Bill Stenberg, Vice President of Shoreline Education Awareness, to extend an invitation to you as BIG members to volunteer for a ‘Beach Patrol’ (see the information below). SEA (Shoreline Education Awareness) is a group of local…

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February-March BIG Book Club Title “Don’t Think Like of an Elephant” Book Overview The BIG Book Club’s next book to read and discuss together is “The All New, Don’t Think of an Elephant! Know your Values and Frame the Debate” by George Lakoff, a noted American cognitive linguist and philosopher, known as the “Father of Framing.”  We believe that learning about what “Framing”…

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