Children’s Cultural Books Program Starts June 10th!

William Ferrer will be reading “Opal Lee” at the Bandon Library

We are excited to be able to provide free books as part of our program bringing cultural awareness to children ages 4 to 8 years. Beginning June 10th with the book Opal Lee and What It Means to Be Free, this 4-part program includes games and storybook reading!

While the program is geared for young children, we need your help as volunteers. There’s a wide variety of tasks to be done when there’s a roomful of kids!  Just email us with your choices and we hope to see you there!


Volunteer Job Descriptions

Greeter:  Sit or stand at the entrance, be friendly, smile and answer questions and provide information

Sign-in sheet and Attendance Count:  Ensure that all visitors sign in. We hope to have a sign-in sheet for kids, too!  During and after the event, count attendees. (Sometimes people arrive late, sometimes they leave early, we’d like to get an accurate count of how many individuals came, whether or not they stayed through the entire event.

Food Handler:  Various people will bring food items. Your job is to set out the food in an organized and attractive manner.

Guide: Because there will be adults and children, and we encourage the children to sit close to the book reader, you will direct attendees to their designated seating areas. During the event, you are an important person who intervenes when a child needs help (e.g. wants to go sit with a parent..)

Book Distributor: Distribute books to children after the event. One book per family. When books run out, coupons are distributed. We’d also like to mark the sign-in sheet to indicate which families received a book and which received a coupon.

Set Up the Room: Arrive at 10am to help place chairs and other items, such as signage, tables, displays.
Clean Up: One of the most fun jobs! Be willing to stay afterwards and tidy up the room. Put away chairs, help carry items to the cars, deal with any debris leftover by the kids. Take out the trash.

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