In her 2022 book, How to Stand Up to a Dictator: The Fight for our Future, Nobel prize-winning, Filipino journalist Maria Ressa, lists collaboration as one of the three pillars required to reclaim the truth.

Ressa observes that the lack of democratic vision and rule of law in the world of the Internet has resulted in the rise of hostility, fear, anger, and hatred.  Consequently, it is important to build large communities of action so as to collaborate to protect journalists, human rights activists, and facts.  Collaborate in terms of how our individual values mesh to make possible collective action.  Collaborate so as to build trust, coordinate our efforts, strengthen our area of influence, share bright spots, and avoid an us vs. them mentality.  The goal:  a world that is more compassionate, equal, sustainable.

It is in this context that Bandon Inclusivity Group is excited to share a number of ways in which we have been able to advance to a next stage in our journey: a grant from Coos County Cultural Coalition & Oregon Cultural Trust, inclusion in the Greater Bandon Association, and cooperation with the South Coast Equity Coalition.  

Children’s Cultural Books Program
Children’s Cultural Books Program supported by a grant from Coos County Cultural Coalition & Oregon Cultural Trust
WHAT:  This summer the Bandon Inclusivity Group will provide a children’s cultural books program with books written about 4 different cultures, all present in the Coos County area.
WHO: The children’s books program is for children ages 4 to 8, along with their families.
WHEN:  The first event is on Saturday June 10th, during which the book Opal Lee and What it Means to be Free: The True Story of the Grandmother of Juneteenth will be read aloud to the children by local actor William Ferrer.
WHERE: The summer program takes place in the Sprague Room of the Bandon Library.
BONUS: There will be approximately 20 books to be given away to the children.
Coos County Cultural Coalition provided the grant for the purchase of the books using funds from the Oregon Cultural Trust.
For more information about these organizations go to:
Coos County Cultural Coalition
Oregon Cultural Trust
The Greater Bandon Association (GBA) 
The Greater Bandon Association (GBA) has agreed to provide Fiscal sponsorship to the Bandon Inclusivity Group. Under this sponsorship, BIG is now considered a non-profit organization. While BIG will not receive financial assistance from the GBA, we will receive guidance and mentorship for our growth and development. Additionally, any donations you make to BIG will now be tax deductible.

Donations to BIG will go to fund the Children’s Cultural Books Program (for the cost of room rental and children’s books not funded by the CCCC); the ongoing costs of operating our book club, peace circles, and programs and events.

To donate, send your check to the Bandon Inclusivity Group at PO Box 1072, Bandon OR 97411. You can also provide your donation at any of our events.  You can specify which program you’d like to support, and will receive a thank you letter with statement re: tax deduction.

For more information on the Greater Bandon Association go to
South Coast Equity Coalition (SCEC)
South Coast Equity Coalition (SCEC) is a newly funded non-profit org in Coos Bay.
From their website: The South Coast Equity Coalition is part of a statewide initiative that serves as a bridge to historically underserved and underrepresented communities. Our goal is to empower diverse groups to become involved in developing unique, culturally appropriate solutions to pervasive issues of inequity that impact the health outcomes and wellbeing of community members.

BIG is supporting the South Coast Equity Coalition’s efforts by sharing information via our Newsletter regarding programs and events sponsored by the SCEC. Our members are welcome to attend any of the events and programs they offer.

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