By W. F.                      

Black folks’ contributions and influence in these United States make up important stories that began at the start of this nation and continue through today.   These are stories of sadness, tragedy, terror, yes, but, more importantly, they are stories of determination, creativity, and transcendence.  The struggles of African Americans to be fully respected, recognized and appreciated in this country can be said to reflect the nation’s own struggle to understand, accept and value its complete history and heritage.  Ours is a society that is a quilt of increasingly diverse peoples, all striving to realize (and see their children realize) their potential(s).

Black History Month offers us February to become aware, or refresh our knowledge of, what our Black sisters and brothers mean to our country.  Despite sometimes tremendous obstacles before them, their resilience is a mirror of the true American soul, whose nature inclines toward: common respect, societal growth, adaptation, creativity, and inclusion.  

Check out BIG’s Book Club and Tools and Resources pages, or Investigate what resources your community (libraries, schools, online media, etc.) has available to enrich yourself with this, our  American history. 

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