A little bit about me: I grew up on the West Fork of the Millicoma near Allegany, OR, and have lived in Coos County for most of my life. I graduated from Marshfield, earned my AAOT from Southwestern, my B.S. in Education from Eastern Oregon University, and my M.S. in Education from Southern Oregon University. For the last 14 years I’ve been a teacher with the North Bend school district. 

I have an 11-year-old son, and we both love spending time outdoors enjoying all the natural beauty our state has to offer. Hunting, fishing, hiking, biking, camping, rafting, riding – we know and love this place, and that’s why I decided to throw my hat into the ring when I saw that the Coos County Clerk position was open. 

The role of the County Clerk is essential to the functioning of our county’s electoral system. In a lot of ways, being a teacher has been good training for the clerkship. Maintaining an unbiased perspective, consistent and accurate recordkeeping, confidentiality, clear and concise communications, are all skills that will translate well from my education experience to the clerkship. 

While I of course acknowledge that I will have plenty to learn, that’s actually part of what drew me to this position. I’m a life-long learner, and knowing that I have a new challenge gets me energized and excited about this job.

First and foremost, I’m seeking the position of County Clerk because I believe ensuring free and fair elections is fundamental to a functioning democracy. Fortunately, our vote-by-mail system has been operating well for over 20 years, so in many ways my role is to ensure it keeps working as intended. I’m dedicated to the promotion of voting, and of civil education in Coos County. None of that can happen without a clerk who is committed to serving our voters honestly and transparently.

I also see and understand the need to keep our record keeping systems in good working order. Most people don’t spend a lot of time thinking about how marriage certificates are issued, or real estate deeds are maintained, or any of the many other functions served by the office of the county clerk. That’s as it should be – administration is at its best when it’s run so smoothly that it’s almost invisible. That kind of effectiveness doesn’t happen on its own – it takes leadership, diligence, attention to detail, and plenty of hard work. 

I’m inspired by this opportunity to serve my community, and honored that all of you would consider supporting me. I would like to close by saying clearly that I don’t seek this role with a personal agenda in mind – my duty, and my loyalty, are to the voters of Coos County. The county clerkship is non-partisan for a reason – my responsibility is to keep the machinery of our electoral system in good, working order, so everyone has the opportunity to cast their vote with confidence that it will be counted. I believe I can best serve the voters and the county by ensuring that partisan concerns do not play a role in the execution of my duties. 

As your County Clerk, I will work hard to listen to concerns from all sides with a friendly ear. I’m confident that by leading with compassion, doing my homework, and keeping the best interests of our citizens front-of-mind, I can be an effective clerk who will uphold the dignity and honor of the office. 

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