June is the month to recognize and celebrate LGBTQIA2S+ Pride Month. 


We celebrate the fact that on May 17th the City of Coos Bay made a proclamation deeming June as LGBTQIA2S+ Pride Month and also approving the Pride Flag  to be flown for the month of June.

BIG has a few recommendations for learning more about gender identification and the history of the gay rights movement. 


Stonewall, by Martin Duberman, is a memoir and novelized recounting of the 1969 police raid on a gay bar in New York City that resulted in a 5-day riot sparking the gay rights movement. 

“Stonewall”, a movie produced in 1995 by Nigel Finch and based on Duberman’s book, is available at the Bandon Public Library.

PBS produced a documentary film, “Stonewall Uprising”, based on the riots.  The DVD is available from the Chetco library, through the Coos County library system. 


The ABC’s of LGBT+ by Ashley Mardell (Ash Hardell). Goodreads.com points out that “Knowledge is a critical part of acceptance, learning about new identities broadens our understanding of humanity, heightens our empathy, and allows us different, valuable perspectives.” Mardell’s book answers your questions, with an intent to bring understanding and acceptance. 


Real Queer America: Stories From Red States by Samantha Allen (2019).  The author took a road trip around the US, with the purpose of exploring queer life during Trump’s presidency. The book reveals “profound cultural shifts underway in unexpected places”. This book is also available through the Coos County library system. 



We congratulate Melissa Cribbins, John Sweet, and Julie Brecke on their wins in the Coos County election!  BIG supported these candidates and we thank all of you who voted.



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