Each month BIG joins the celebration of groups recognized as important to our nation’s
history. Those designated for celebration during the month of March include women, the deaf
and Irish Americans. These designations provide us the opportunity to pause, reflect, and
remind ourselves of those who worked and are still working for social equity. Below are
resources that may help you keep hopeful, inspired, and motivated to work together for



CODA. Children of Deaf Adults (CODA). This very watchable film (95% Rotten Tomatoes)
provides several opportunities to experience the world as the deaf do. The deaf characters are
actually played by deaf actors. Available via AppleTV+.

Deaf U. A reality show follows university students who are deaf. Netflix documentary. 
Sound of Metal. This film tells the story of a drummer who suddenly goes deaf. He is an addict
and the deafness can send him into a tailspin so he checks into an addiction treatment facility
for persons who are deaf. Available via with pickup at the Bandon

Touch the Sound. Features a female musician who is deaf. Available at the Bandon Library.



Out of Ireland. By using letters from Irish immigrants to their families back home in Ireland, director
Paul Wagner creates a documentary portrait of the Irish exodus to the United States. He focuses on
the experiences of eight immigrants to showcase the issues that motivated the wave of departures,
which included religious repression as well as crippling poverty. Actors such as Liam Neeson bring
the letters to life, and experts on immigration also lend their analyses. IMBd. It is available via with pickup at the Bandon Library.


PBS offers a number of videos, including (link to all below):

Without a Whisper. This is the story of the profound influence of Indigenous women on the
beginning of the women’s rights movement in the United States.

Fannie Lou Hamer’s America. Through speeches, interviews and song, this film explores and
celebrates the life of one of the Civil Rights Movement lesser-known leaders.

Unladylike2020: The Changemakers. This film highlights the lives of heroines from the early
years of feminism.

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