March: Celebrate Women's History Month

By jazc

You do not need us to rehearse for you the famous names of accomplished women during Women’s History Month.  You don’t even need us to introduce you to lesser-known women who have contributed to the quality of our lives.  That is expertly presented by outlets like the Public Broadcasting Company (PBS).

What you may need is to be encouraged in these days to keep the faith that what you are doing today will make a positive difference for the future.  Remember that you, and all of us together, are the history upon which the future depends.  Don’t just celebrate women of the past (Fannie Lou Hamer) or at a distance (Greta Thunberg) or those highly organized (March for Our Lives – Parkland, Florida, high school shooting survivors).  Celebrate the women in your life who made a difference.  Rededicate to make a difference yourself.  Encourage girls and women in your life today to be their best selves, be what is needed, and to recognize, develop and contribute their talents.    

March 6 the University Women of Bandon (who provide two scholarships annually to BHS graduates) held their annual dinner in recognition of the young women from Bandon High School, Class of 2023.  Past graduates were present and celebrated as they reported in person and via Zoom concerning successful professional certification; degree programs, on-going training and careers in health care; as well as the vision of gaining knowledge and insight from literature explored during their higher education and then using the writing skills also gained to promote understanding in our world.

The young women from the Class of 2023 shared goals ranging from careers in the helping professions, such as speech pathologist and veterinarian, to non-traditional careers for women in the STEM fields, namely math and civil engineering, with a possible tilt toward forestry.

Yes, celebrate Women’s History Month, but remember that this celebration needs to begin right here in Bandon as we inspire and encourage each other to be the history that will build a future of equal opportunity and health for us and our earth.

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