Over One Year and Still Here 

Bandon Inclusivity Group (BIG) continues our demonstrations on Hwy 101 on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:30-4:30pm and on Fridays from 2:00-3:00pm.  The issues that brought us out to the corner in the first place still need our attention. Our presence on the corner is a great way to highlight these issues.  Our country and our world are in an important transition.  Between COVID, tremendous societal pressures/stresses, and Climate Crisis, many people realize profound change is needed, and are actually ready for the change.  

Drivers and passers-by express enthusiastic support for our standing on the corner three days each week.  When they see people they recognize or know personally, there seems to be a greater connection, and it brings more validation to our cause. When neighbors see their neighbors out on the corner, it may help to encourage them to become more aware and even become involved in the cause.  When people who were initially hesitant about our group decide to join our demonstrations, they are pleasantly surprised by the amount of positive support received!  

We want to invite everyone who has signed up on the Bandon Inclusivity Group email list to come out and demonstrate with us on 101. Whether we are existing friends or friends who we have not yet met, come join the fun. Even a one day per week commitment would be helpful in making a difference in our area.   We cannot underestimate the contributions caring people can make in a community.  

Of course, there are multiple ways to contribute to the changes we all want to see here in Bandon, the Oregon coast, and beyond.  Please review BIG’s website again if it’s been a while, to see what other activities in which you may wish to participate.  Also, email BIG (info@bandoninclusivitygroup.com) with your ideas or any special events that are happening in our area. 

Thank you! 

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