Protecting Democracy: A Civics Workshop

Protecting Democracy: A Civics Workshop 

Sunday, January 21, 2024, 2pm

The Barn / Community Center, Bandon. 

You won’t want to miss this educational event designed for everyone who plans to vote in 2024. Interact with local election leaders, non-partisan civic groups, elected officials and concerned citizens.  Become informed about your local government including how to connect with elected officials. Learn about the election procedures in Coos County and how to find information about persons running for office.  The Bandon Inclusivity Group (BIG) is hosting this event believing a well-informed public is vital to the outcome of our 2024 elections. 

As you move in a small group through the stations you will meet with these elected officials and representatives:

  • John Sweet, Coos County Commissioner, will discuss the duties and responsibilities of the Commission
  • Members of the League of Women Voters will discuss their role in the election process.
  • Emma Ronai-Durning from the Rural Oregon Project connects us to small statewide programs that support democracy.  
  • Dede Murphy will explain the duties of the Coos County Clerk in the election process
  • Katy Eymann will summarize her experiences as a candidate and legislative clerk in Oregon.  
  • Examples of fact-based information and misinformation associated with election activities will be explored.  

A separate room will house local area groups that promote community and democracy. 

This event will begin promptly at 2pm at The Barn Community Center, 1200 11th Street, SW, Bandon.

Pre-registration is not required. The event is free.

Sponsored solely by the Bandon Inclusivity Group. 

Our goal is to foster the democratic process as outlined in the U.S. Constitution and to enhance everyone’s enthusiasm to participate in our coming election season.

According to the United Nations, democracy “provides an environment that respects human rights and fundamental freedoms, and in which the freely expressed will of people is exercised”. 

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