By W.F.

These days there are plenty of reasons to be rightly dubious and sometimes discouraged by the way both state and federal government officials so often seem to operate against the will of their people.  Old news of course.  In frustration, and the desire to maintain some personal mental health, ‘dropping out’, in terms of any participation in our political system, including actually voting, is sooo tempting.  
There is a quotation that goes: 

“Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you.”


This was said by Pericles, the Greek Philosopher/General, thousands of years ago.  How true it remains.

Who are the people who represent us?  Even if we know their names, could we definitively say what they stand for? Would their websites tell us useful things about them? Who is representing you in your state’s legislature?

Below I’m sending a link I think can be useful.  It is a website that through your zipcode will identify your state and federal representatives, in any state.  Easy to use.  Please share with relatives and friends, encouraging them to know who these people are.  Mayors and town/city council people can be found by visiting the websites of whatever particular city/town.  

All we can do in any endeavor is our best; that’s good enough. “Dropping out” is an option we can choose,  but is it the best we can do…?

Please check out:

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