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We hope you and your families are well and staying safe! We have been asked by Bill Stenberg, Vice President of Shoreline Education Awareness, to extend an invitation to you as BIG members to volunteer for a ‘Beach Patrol’ (see the information below).

SEA (Shoreline Education Awareness) is a group of local coastal residents who provide education and awareness regarding the shoreline habitats and the wildlife along the Southern Oregon Coast. https://sea-edu.org/

The ‘Beach Patrol’ is an annual event to protect the marine life on the rocks and sand and tide pools around Elephant Rock.

Please give this your consideration!

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Shoreline Education for Awareness is looking for volunteers to join with them in creating 4-person teams to patrol the small area of beach in front of Elephant Rock from mid-March through July on weekends and holidays. The reason for these teams is to be available to interact with the public who come to this stretch of beach to tell them what is there, what’s happening, and why it’s important that all humans stay away from the rocks on which birds have nests and seals take rests. By having teams doing this when low tides make it possible for people to get too close to the seals and nesting birds that it becomes harmful, we are doing our part to prevent admiring humans from “loving the area to death.”

We seek individuals who can commit to a 2- or 3-hour shift once a week if possible, or once a month if that is more manageable. If you enjoy meeting new people and enriching their coastline experiences, you’ll love being on Beach Patrol. To learn more, email info@sea-edu.org or click on the link in the instructions below where you will also see the calendar for this Spring and Summer.

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